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Five challenges faced in a contact center enviroment

  1. Call Volume Demands: Needs an Efficient Response

New businesses and entrepreneurial venture are increasing in numbers every day. With such growth, call volume demand is growing exponentially. The aggressive growth in the online market and customers doing their monetary transactions through online platforms have made it sheer tough to meet such alarming growth.

Most of the customers speak to the agents before reaching their final decisions and in this process, lots of inbound and outbound calls are made. The marketing activities behind closing a sale have a crucial role too and for the same very reason, customers are reached out by the agents, perpetually.

This growth in call volume should be parallel with our efficiency as it should grow with the increasing demand.

To tackle such circumstances, it is necessary to understand country wise peak time and traffic. Once you get hold of these patterns, you can deploy your agents accordingly and ensure a far better response to increasing call volume demands.

We should understand that the call volume demand gives avenues to use the available resources to its best level and make use of contemporary technologies to keep call center environment ready for anything upcoming.

2. Call Center Management: Needs a Wider Perspective

There are many aspects that cumulatively decide the environment at the call center. Agent engagement and operational cost have the major role to play when it comes to a call center management.

So optimization of workforce and cost will help you ensure better results. Now, if we consider about the management at the call center then go for the most contemporary technologies. The easiest way to set up and operate a call center is if you host it on the cloud. Adopting a cloud-based technology suits best for the call center needs as cloud technology is efficient as well as economic.

In a call center that is hosted on the cloud, agents work independently irrespective of location and time. And thus hosted call centers environment also ensures greater productivity.

3. First Call Resolution: Well Informed Agents

At the end of the day, the number of calls that ends up on a convincing note does matter a lot. Now a customer who is seeking information looks for an apt solution in the least time invested. And this investment of time depends on the fact how efficient the agent is. But the challenge of first call resolution should not be left to just one person, rather, there should be a team that is capable of handling any customer query at any time.

The reason behind it is simple, expertise in specific areas is mostly dependent on the individual’s interests and capabilities. A certain agent may be good with number and another can be good with words – these are specific characteristics. In the same manner, different people in the team should be trained for various areas that relate to customer’s interests and inclinations. This will ensure, every problem gets tackled in the best possible manner because the presence of a proper communication channel that could join agents with the experts will prove to be very effective. And with this exercise, the possibility of first call resolution will definitely get higher.

4. Customer Relationship Management: Staying Ahead of the Times

Call centers are the toughest work environments, there is no doubt about it. The reason being the never ending expectation of providing customers better satisfaction and also maintaining good customer relationship.

Deployment of the right agent to the right customer is one of the most important tasks to be thought over by the call center managers. But before all that, recruitment of the right set of people as agents is the most necessary thing. A proper training and occasional grooming are also necessary. This ensures a better agent involvement.

5. Employee Attrition: Understand your Agents Better

Employee attrition is a signal of something better is being sought after by the employees and what they are looking for is not present in their current organization. All the efforts behind hiring and training of agents go in vain if they switch very soon. It adds to the loss of the company. Work pressure, better opportunity, or a comprehensive gap between skill sets of the agent and the work lead to attrition.

The solution thus lies in focusing on the individuals and leveraging the whole situation towards a healthier scenario. This can only be done by understanding the agents and their needs and taking steps to fulfill those needs.

There should be a proper medium for the development of skills and personality of the agents. This helps agents to handle the customers in a more efficient manner.

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