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Why South Africa

Apart from being and amazing country with a large pool of talented individuals South Africa is in the top three Gloabl locations to succefully outsource core services too. Being based in the “mother city” we are lucky to benefit from such amazing scenary and working enviroment. 

There are numerous benefits  from outsourcing to South Africa a number are listed below for your interest. 


Significant cost savings

Vast costs savings ranging from 40 to 60% against on shore operations for USA, UK and Australia

South Africa has been a premium service delivery destination for many years and is rated in the top 5 outsourcing destinations globally year on year. 

With a substantial offering and highly skilled workforce, we are assured to provide outstanding personalized services to your clientele. 

Strong foundation in contact centers and niche specialsist areas

An evolved industry due to South Africa becoming one of the first prefered outsource destinations . Global delivery options in traditional and non traditional industrys.

Skilled and young English speaking workforce

Availability of large, young, and tranable talent pool. Strong understanding of technology with very high empathy levels.
Culturaul Affinity with Uk, Australia, USA and EMEA
High availability of educated work force

Sophiticated infrastructure and enabling enviroment

Large, multi redundant telecommunication and data infrastructure. High level of tech support services and hardware

Time zones

Small variations in time difference to the United Kingdom and constructed infrastucture with the right support services to provide around the clock services

Goverment subsidies supporting Job creation

Due to high unemployment in South African youth the South African goverment has weigthed support on job creation. Various job creation and subsidies are available for long periods of time, the benefit is handed over to our clients for maximum commercail benefit.

Some interesting South African workforce facts

16,5 Million English speakers 

410,000 English speakers added annually

Available language skills Dutch, French, German, and Italian 

2,500 qualified actuaries

12,800 new master degree graduates per year

59,000 ICT and sciences graduates per year


As the corporate world adapts and is driven by recent global events, we are fortunate that the changes have had a positive impact on our Industry. This change has resulted in a higher acceptance of “your” clients of outsourced services. Work Easy sees this as a welcomed opportunity to support its strategic partners in providing service excellence, many times increasing the current standards of service provided.


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